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AmyTrader - It is viable to area orders on all asset kinds except for Fx Options, which could most effective be traded by way of accepting a quote. When setting orders the use of OpenAPI, it is critical to recognize that not all order kinds and parameters are supported for all asset lessons or even throughout one asset type traded on unique exchanges. In order to area an order it is also required to appearance up some of the underlying device's constraints via tool offerings in Reference Data and to get a rate via a separate request or thru a subscription already installation.Order Properties

Asset Type & Uic (mandatory)

Specifies the tool and the way it's far traded.

Used to suggest what account the resulting function is on. For customers with sub customers, the order can also be located on a sub consumer's account.

When choosing an quantity there are certain regulations to obey

  • If the amount may be very small or very big the order may fail
  • For alternate primarily based asset kinds, if the price of the order is just too small, the order will fail
  • For asset sorts traded in plenty, there may be policies around whether bizarre lot sizes are allowed - this could be looked up via the instrument's LotSizeType
  • In preferred the quantity is constantly in the base unit of the device
  • Note that for some instrument kinds amounts may be fractional. 

Most not unusual sorts are marketplace, restriction and prevent. See the entire assessment inside the article on Core Business Concepts.

Must be provided on all order kinds apart from marketplace orders. See segment on rounding.

Must be supplied for StopLimitOrders. Controls the forestall level a part of the stoplimit.

This cost is most effective applicable and mandatory for StockIndexOption, StockOption and FuturesOption. By putting this fee you indicate the desired netting behavioir of the ensuing role. 

ManualOrder (obligatory for maximum applications)

Indicates if the order is originated via a manual or automated motion. While presently non-compulsory, this field will soon be made obligatory for almost all packages. Please follow the definition underneath when deciding how to set this price.ManualOrder Field ValueMeaningFalse

Indicates an automatic order access.

Automated order access refers to orders which might be generated and/or routed without human intervention. This consists of any order generated by means of a pc gadget in addition to orders which might be routed using functionality that manages order submission thru computerized manner (i.e. execution set of rules).True

Indicates a manual order access

Manual order entry refers to orders which can be submitted by way of an individual immediately entering the order into a the front-end machine, commonly via keyboard, mouse or contact display, and which is routed in its entirety to the healthy engine at the time of submission. A order that is generated robotically, but in the long run showed by the user earlier than being despatched to market is taken into consideration manual.Placing Single Orders

Not all instruments support all order sorts or maybe all period kinds. To discover what order types are supported, look at the instrument data lower back by means of Reference Data. Most tool assist market orders with a period of the modern-day day. This is validated through this case setting a market order on the EURUSD tool.

In order to region a restriction order we want a goal order charge at an affordable distance to the marketplace. A rate may be acquired from a fee subscription or in reality by means of asking for:

Let's say we want to area a restriction order 50 pips far from the market, then the goal fee would be 1.06287. However for EURUSD legitimate tick sizes are rounded to nearest zero.00005, so the goal order fee turns into 1.0e order could then be:

Decimals, TickSize and Tick Size Schemes

Calculating a correct OrderPrice value is easy for Fx, however complicated for different asset sorts where there are specific guidelines for what values are legitimate and how they're rounded. Those regulations are managed by means of the device's tick size and tick length scheme. For gadgets that does not have a tick size or tick length scheme, order charges really need to be rounded to the instrument's range of decimals. For the few devices are quoted in fractions, the order charge must agree to the tick size on the instrument.

A fee is always denoted within the the wide variety of decimals supported by the instrument. The range of decimals can be discovered at the device information regarded up within the Reference Data. However for sure Fx crosses the variety is one better if the format has the flag AllowDecimalPips.

When there is no tick size scheme

The order charge needs to be rounded to the variety of decimals of the tool and then adjusted to the tick size of the device. In the above instance EURUSD has four (+1) decimals and a tick length of 0.00005. This means that a rate like 1.062873 should be rounded to at least one.06287 because of the range of decimals, but for the reason that tick length is zero.00005, the perfect rounding is 1.06285.

When there is a tick size scheme

Certain contraptions have extra complicated fee rounding guidelines. That is indicated by means of the tick size scheme at the instrument. It offers specific tick sizes depending on a fee range. If the actual rate of the device is above the most price value inside the tick size scheme, the above regular rounding guidelines practice. The use of tick length schemes are illustrated via this situation:

Example: Suggesting an OrderPrice for a CFD on International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG:xlon)

Assume you want to place a purchase restrict order for IAG:xlon at 2% far from the market, you want to realize the tick length scheme for IAG:xlon in addition to the modern-day market fee. Right now it's miles traded at bid 446.1, ask 446.four. 

The tick size scheme for the instrument appeared up in reference facts is that

Since the preferred fee is inside the ]ninety nine.99; 499.9] range, we need to spherical the charge to nearest . Also known as the tick length applicable for the favored order charge. In the give up the formula for choosing a price n percent faraway from the market turns into: 

orderPrice = Round((currentPrice- currentPrice*n/a hundred)/tickSize)*tickSize

So filling in the values for a buy order we get

It is viable to narrate orders to an entry order or function for maximum asset kinds. The exceptions are StockIndex (which isn't tradable), FutureContracts and FutureStrategies. For the opposite asset kinds guide for related orders may be deduced from the supported order types retrieved on the device. Related orders may be located collectively with the entry order or one at a time.

Throttling of order placement is in keeping with request

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